Seminar on marketing in collaboration with ASEBIO tools

The Spanish Association of Bio enterprises (CASEBOOK), with the collaboration of the Montenegro Language Services translation agency organized a seminar on Marketing Digital Tools.

The expert in both digital Marketing strategies online as off-line, was commissioned to introduce participants to the world of Digital Marketing Tools deepening on the digital customer profile and on the process of internationalization of companies: from the identification of opportunities abroad reaching an authoritative and salable digital strategy.

Discussed the concept and methodology of Inbound Marketing, where “to publish the right, on the site and correct, content marketing strategy becomes useful and relevant for the client, not a simple interference“.

The concept of Branded Content and its development in the business sector was another of the points highlighted during the meeting. As well as the importance of social networks as a showcase for companies in a market increasingly digitized. Special attention required platform LinkedIn, where is given the possibility to adapt a profile to personal and corporate needs, and access more decisive and successful to a greater number of companies, customers and consumers.

To end the intervention 6 tips were offered to attendees to enhance the presence of the Bio-company in its internationalization strategy, from profitable investment of time, to access and share up-to-date and relevant information.

Apropos of this, was the interesting intervention of Jose Antonio Perez Casablanca, national sales director of Montenegro Language Services, which showed the need for a good linguistic consultancy service, including services optimal translation and interpretation so that the processes of internationalization of enterprises can carry out of successfully in a context of increasingly globalist market.

This is how it ended an interesting day, where is ushered in a round of final questions that participants could discuss the exposed content and exchanged opinions and knowledge on the subject in question.